I used to sit on my Grandmother’s lap at her sewing machine. She would cut up her full skirted dresses and make clothes for me and I slept under a quilt while visiting. As a budget conscious mom I found myself recycling outdated clothing for my son and took up scrap quilting. Things like these just seemed to be inherited.

My background includes a line of children’s boutique clothing, more formals than I can remember and a portfolio of custom wedding dresses, along with a degree in Fashion design from Harper College. I started making quilted garments called “Wearable Postcards” for competition, and winning awards for my clothing and quilts at major shows including IQF Houston, AQS Paducah, Mancuso’s Mid-Atlantic and Road to California.

Art quilting opened a whole new world of embellishments and techniques. Every quilt gets me excited about the process of design, color, all those yummy ways of making marks and seeing it culminate in a successful piece of art allowing me to expand into gallery exhibitions.